Commercial Flooring

Carpet tile is taking over the commercial flooring market.  Carpet tiles have been used in airports and hospitals for years.  In the last 15 years, because of technological advancements, carpet tiles have become extremely attractive to architects and designers. More recently carpet tiles are being used in education buildings and retail spaces.  Commercial carpet tile is extremely durable and is designed to take the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

The main reason carpet tile has become more desirable is design flexibility.  In addition, carpet tile is easy to handle, install, and maintain.  The ever growing variety in designs, patterns, textures and shapes, give architects and designers limitless design options.  Today carpet tile can be laid in multiple ways, to create an interesting visual space.

One of the most popular features is the ability to replace one tile if it becomes worn or stained.  Carpet tiles come in boxes that can be easily stored and readily available if a tile needs to be replaced.  The ease of installation is also appealing to businesses because it minimizes disruption.  With today’s easy installations methods you can install over 100 yards of carpet overnight and the business can be open the next day.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has provided commercial flooring and professional installation to many local businesses. Some of our installations include:

  • The Valley Inn Institute of Notre Dame
  • ACELL Offices Mays Chapel Condominiums
  • ESPN Zone Masonic Home
  • Corner Stable Restaurant The Manor Tavern
  • Hunt’s Church Wockenfuss Candy
  • Spectra Sciences Hunt Valley Golf Center
  • Garden Condominium at Perry Hall Valley Baptist
  • Lovely Lane Church Museum Calvary Baptist Church

We offer flooring installation and carry the following commercial flooring to fit your business environment:

  • Carpet Tiles
  • Commercial vinyl Tile
  • Tile Flooring
  • Linoleum
  • Commercial Carpeting

Call Jim Boyds Flooring America today at 410-667-0620, for a commercial flooring consultation in your business, or come browse through our flooring showroom!

Commercial Flooring Manufacturers

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