Best Flooring for Kid’s Rooms

Family Flooring and Child Friendly Flooring

Are you designing or redesigning a kid room for your home? Then its time to do some research on great flooring for your child’s play room. Any room that will be frequently visited by children should be designed with child safety in mind. The interior design should also have features that focus on child entertainment and comfort.

According to consumer reports, the best flooring for kids will all depend on the family lifestyle of your household.

If you want to have hard floor surfaces in your home but don’t want your children and pets to scratch up your new floors, you should consider bamboo flooring or tile. The floor options are not only eco-friendly but also family friendly. In fact, bamboo flooring or tile can improve the overall health quality of your home and little maintenance is necessary to keep a great appearance.

Here at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America we keep in mind that you have children and use the safest installation methods to keep your children safe from harmful chemicals that are used in some flooring installation. Children should stay clear of rooms having flooring installation until fumes and work are given the clear.

Currently green flooring is in high demand for family homes, particularly those with very young children. For hard surfaces we recommend bamboo or cork.

If you are considering carpet, should you get it installed for a kid’s room?

That depends on how many times you are willing to replace your carpeting. We do not recommend having white carpet installed for kid’s rooms. Children will dirty up their playroom and do all kinds of things to carpet and flooring alike. It all depends on their age and maturity what type of flooring or carpet is okay to have in your home.

If you have a bathroom close to the kid’s room, put down rugs to prevent child injuries. Any type of flooring used in a kid’s room should promote good hygiene and be low maintenance. As for style, you can never go wrong with light or bright flooring/ carpet installations.

Jim Boyd’s is here to help you add warmth and style to your home with our excellent flooring and carpet selections.

We are here to reduce your home maintenance with vinyl flooring or laminate flooring for the look of wood without the maintenance.

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