Best Nursery Flooring for Your Home

nursery flooring

A boy or a girl, you will need to choose a flooring for your home’s nursery. So which flooring will you choose?

Flooring takes a lot of damage, but especially in a nursery, where kids play hard and love to test their limits and try to get into trouble. When it comes to kid-friendly nursery flooring, there are a number of things to consider. Learn more about popular nursery flooring options below so you can make the best choice for your children and your house.  


This soft, comfortable, and forgiving nursery flooring option protects your less than coordinated young children from bruises and bumps, which may make it seem like an obvious choice. However, especially in the face of young children, carpeting can be difficult to clean. It can become a haven for dust mites, mildew, and mold, and is less than optimal for those with breathing problems or sensitive noses, lungs, and throats, like little ones. Synthetic carpeting also often contains toxic chemicals and VOC’s which can make your children sick. If you choose carpet, make sure it is free of these chemicals.


These timeless floors and long-lasting and easy to clean, which makes them ideal for almost any room. This type of nursery flooring is expensive, however, and susceptible to the kind of wear and tear that little children can enact. If you choose this, be sure to invest in an area rug to protect your toddler from slips and falls and your nursery flooring from your toddler.


This eco-friendly and budget-friendly flooring option is ideal for a nursery. Despite being inexpensive and beautiful, it is easy to maintain and can take whatever abuse your toddler can dish out. This naturally pest-resistant nursery flooring option requires no harmful pesticides or chemicals and is the ultimate in renewable resources. It helps to keep your child, the planet, and your wallet healthy and happy and varies in look and color to suit a wide variety of tastes.

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