How to select staircase carpeting: Runners vs. Full Step Carpeting

Are you looking for the perfect carpet to use on your stairs?

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America can help you get the job done well.

When installing carpet to your stairs, you need to hire a professional flooring company to complete the measurements for your stairs. Carpet staircases only look great when the right dimensions are known.

Stairways are high traffic areas that need durable wool carpet.

The best carpet for stairs is carpet with cut pile over looped pile because the carpet has a longer life span than carpet easily separated by rows.

Here are 4 things you should consider when selecting carpets for stairs:

  1. The color scheme of your room. The last thing you need is out of place carpet. When in doubt, purchase a neutral color carpet.
  2. Purchase stain resistant carpet. Your stairs are high traffic areas; you never know what can happen.
  3. Decide whether you’ll use runners or full step carpeting. The average runner is 27 to 32 inches wide. It will leave the stairs exposed on the sides. If you want to completely cover your stairs, go for full-step carpeting.
  4. If your home has pets like dogs and cats, go for low-maintenance carpet.

The best carpet for stairs will have excellent sound absorption, plenty of warmth and extremely comfortable footing for bare feet.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has your plush, berber, Saxony carpet and other wonderful carpet styles.

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