What is the Best Flooring for a Mudroom?

With a name like “mudroom,” how on earth is it possible to keep clean? Mudrooms are an essential feature to every home because they provide a place for coats and shoes to be stored without being in the way or tracking a mess into thee house. Family homes with children, in particular, can benefit from the addition of a mudroom for these very reasons. But just because mud is involved doesn’t mean the room itself has to be kept filthy. Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to help with a few tips about how to floor your mudroom.

Don’t waste it on wood

While hardwood floors are both beautiful and durable, they are one of the most expensive flooring options. A mudroom, because it is generally a small room, is not necessarily the room in your home you want to invest in hardwood floor for. Hardwood floors also might be more susceptible to water and dirt damage with repeated exposure, so it’s best to save them for the family room or dining room.

Stick to stone

A stone floor will probably be your best bet when it comes to selecting a floor for your mudroom. Not only are stone floors attractive, they have the added benefit of being nonporous. This will help them stand up against damage from water or dirt. Stone is solid, durable, and can take the daily wear and tear that a mudroom goes through.

Loving linoleum

If stone looks like it will be too pricey for your budget, a linoleum floor is a can’t-go-wrong choice for your mudroom floor. Linoleum is exceptionally easy to clean and very affordable. Take advantage of the wide variety of linoleum color options to keep your mudroom in the same color scheme as the rest of your home.

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