3 Things You Need to Know About Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

Are you ready to update the floors?

When choosing a new floor for your home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at how many options there are to choose from. If you are on a budget, however, it narrows down your options quite a bit. After choosing vinyl flooring, you will receive a product that is budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. Here are a few things you need to know before you commit to installing vinyl flooring.

Different Kinds of Vinyl Flooring

If you choose vinyl for your floors, you will be looking at two different options: vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles. Vinyl sheets are more resistant to water and are overall more durable. However, vinyl tiles are more desirable by homeowners, as they replicate ceramic tile flooring without breaking the budget. Vinyl tiles are also more versatile, with more options to choose from, and are common in commercial businesses.   

Perks of Vinyl Flooring

A key aspect of vinyl flooring that makes it desirable is its durability. If you live in a home or run a business with heavy traffic, then vinyl tiling is your best option, as it is comfortable to walk on and provides noise reduction to any setting. While being less expensive than other flooring options, vinyl flooring is simple to install and upkeep is a breeze. You will also have different styles and options to choose from, making it more versatile than other floors.

Installation Process

The flooring that will go beneath the vinyl is important to consider during the installation process. Vinyl floors require a very smooth surface and any imperfections will show through the tiling if the floor beneath the tiles is not properly sanded down. Hiring a flooring professional will ensure that the foundation of your vinyl tiling is in perfect condition before it is installed.

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