Top Flooring Trends of 2015

View of modern kitchenNow that 2015 is underway it is safe to start assessing some of the flooring trends that are popping up. If you’ve got new floors on your to-do list, you should know about this year’s biggest trends. Whether you’re leaning towards hardwood or carpet, these popular new options can add a bit of flare to any project.


-Wide planked hardwood flooring is a growing trend among homeowners. This look makes any space feel larger, and makes your floor look much more seamless.

-Gray is the current color of choice for hardwood floors. This newly popular neutral makes your home look unique and gives any room a modern finish.

-Boldly dark wood has been a common choice in hardwood flooring so far this year. Homeowners often finish this look with light furniture and accessories.

-Whitewashed wood is another great option for creating contrast. Pair these bright floors with dark accents.

-Matte and semi-gloss finishes have grown in popularity in recent months. They have a great comfortable feel to them and don’t show scratches as much as high-gloss flooring.


-Bold and bright carpet colors are popular this year. Quirky hues like teal and coral quickly become a key design element in any room.

-In that same vein, people are choosing interesting and elaborate designs and shapes for their carpeting. Strategies like this one turn your flooring into a piece of art.

-Shag carpet is out. Homeowners have been much more drawn to things like cut-and-loop carpet which offers interesting multi-dimensional patterns.

-Natural fibers are gaining popularity thanks to the green movement. Wool and Indian jute have become popular choices for bedroom carpeting. They come in a variety of colors and are a sustainable option.

Newly popular flooring

-One of the most interesting flooring options of 2015 is concrete. This isn’t your average cold and drab slab of mud. Flooring companies are doing incredible things with concrete. It comes in an overwhelming variety of colors, finishes, and patterns. Such a versatile option can make any of your flooring dreams come true.

-Tile has been an option for a while, but this year shows that larger tiles are better tiles. Over-sized tiles make a space feel larger and cut down on the unpleasant look of seams.


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