Choosing a New Flooring for Your Home

A flooring for your lifestyle

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean they have to ruin your flooring. Choose a flooring that will fit your lifestyle!

When choosing new flooring for your residential property, the options are enough to have your head spinning. From different colors to different textures, your options are nearly limitless. But how do you choose the right new flooring for you and your home? Let’s take a look at some things you should be thinking of before purchasing new flooring!

Which Rooms are You Considering?

This is an important question that every homeowner should be asking before stepping into a store. Different rooms have different purposes just as flooring has different purposes. For example, carpet in the kitchen could lead to stains upon stains from spilled liquids and foods. Deciding on the purpose of the room will help you choose which kind of flooring is the best option for your home. In addition, think about the location of the room. Rooms that are entry points in your home will see more dirt than non-entry points so look for flooring that won’t stain easily.

Consider Your Family

Many people love the idea of crisp white carpets in their home. But is it practical? If you have children, pets, family members who tend to spill things, it is definitely not practical. Your crisp white carpet will be a dingy, stained mess in one day. But choosing flooring that is easily taken care of or that will help hide the mess is always a good option. Thinking about your family and lifestyle will help to determine how the flooring will need to be taken care of and which flooring will be better for your home.

Does Anyone Have Allergies and Sensitivities?

Allergies and sensitivities are a major concern when choosing new flooring. Flooring is not a quick and inexpensive thing to replace in your home. So when choosing your flooring, consider the allergen sufferer and what they need in flooring. Carpets can harbor allergens in its bristles and cause allergies and asthma if they are not cleaned regularly. Other flooring can release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that could contribute to ill health, particularly to those that are more sensitive to allergens and contaminants. Look for flooring with low or zero VOCs as well as hypoallergenic flooring options.

Are You Ready to Work?

Everything in your home will need some maintenance and cleaning, but the question is how much? Some flooring options need more cleaning or maintenance than others. Wood flooring should be swept or vacuumed often to avoid scratches. Stone and tile is durable but needs to be swept regularly. Look into care and maintenance before purchasing your next flooring to see if it fits your lifestyle. Are you willing to sacrifice the time for the look?


Everyone loves the idea of high-end exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry, but is it worth the work and money? For some, sacrificing for style is a great option. But for others, choosing a more economical option is better for our wallets and watches. Compare alternatives that will give you the same look without the heart-stopping price or the constant maintenance.

Now that you have an idea of what you should be thinking about when choosing your next flooring option, what are you waiting for? Call Jim Boyd’s Flooring America today!

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