Choosing The Right Flooring For Every Room

Choosing the right flooring for every room in your home is so important.

Choosing the right flooring for every room in your home is so important.

When deciding on new flooring in your home, you’ll want to consider every room separately. Your floors will take a lot of abuse from shoes, pets, and furniture on a daily basis, some rooms more than others. When looking for the right flooring for every room in your house, take into account what goes on in the space every day.

Dirt Free

Does your family track in a lot of mud and dirt? If so, you’ll want to protect your home by putting down each-to-clean flooring that will catch dirt. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are a great option since they are durable and low-maintenance. All you have to do is sweep or vacuum to clean up dirt while cleaning up bigger messes with a mop. You can also add a dark-colored sisal or seagrass rug over the tile to help trap mud and dirt, as the dark color also helps to hide it.

Young Kids With A Playroom

A playroom should have soft and comfortable flooring for your young kids, such as a low, tightly woven loop or cut rug or wall-to-wall carpet. Fibers like polypropylene or nylon are easy to clean, making your life easier when a spill inevitably happens.

Cozy Bedroom

While hardwood floors look great throughout the house, they aren’t the most comfortable flooring to walk on, especially as soon as you wake up. If you prefer a cozy and comfortable space to sleep in, consider a premium plush, extra soft carpet. If you don’t want to install wall-to-wall carpeting, a large area rug will also do the trick to create a luxurious and relaxing bedroom space.

Office/Guest Room

Many guest rooms have other purposes so they can be used more often, such as an office or study area. Low-pile carpets are a great flooring choice for this room since the carpet comes in many different patterns and colors for personalization. Also, an office chair will be able to roll on the low-pile carpet without a plastic mat underneath.

Trendy Kitchen

While light and dark wood floors have been popular for a while, grey hardwood flooring is the new neutral and is a great choice for your new kitchen floors. Cork flooring and vinyl that looks like real wood are also solid kitchen floor choices, as they are very durable and sustainable.

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