Four Tips for Choosing Your Entryway Flooring

entryway flooring

What kind of flooring will you choose for your entryway?

As winter approaches, you may be wondering how you can keep the wet weather ahead outside of your home. From rain boots covered in mud to umbrellas dripping with rain to snow boots and coats melting before your eyes, your entryway is going to take quite a beating this winter. If you are thinking about new flooring for your space, it is important for you to choose one that can stand up to these elements not just this year, but for years to come. So what should you look for in entryway flooring? Read on to find out!

Think Removeable

When thinking about your home’s entryway, one of the things you should think about is how you can clean your floors. It is inevitable that this floor is going to get dirty over the years. But instead of actually replacing your floors or scrubbing them when they get dirty, think of something that is removeable like carpet remnants. Carpet remnants can easily be taken up and cleaned then put back down in your entryway, protecting your floors.

Think Durable

It is important for you to choose a flooring that is not only stylish but durable for your entryway. Your entryway sees a lot of traffic every year so you should make sure whatever flooring your choose will last for years to come. Porcelain tiles are a good, durable flooring for your home. They are nearly impossible to chip or break and can be made to look like stone but are less expensive than natural stone. Larger porcelain tile is easily cleaned or mopped when they get dirty or wet, making for the perfect entryway floor.

Go Bold

Your entryway is the first thing your visitors see in your home. So why not go bold or go home? Choosing a bold pattern for your entryway will keep your home beautiful and the space ready to take on whatever your family can dish out. Whether you choose beautiful carpet, wood, or porcelain floors for your entry way, remember to choose something that will reflect your family and your home’s style.

When choosing entryway flooring, there is a lot of things you should think about. For more information on choosing your flooring, call Jim Boyd’s Flooring America today!

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