The Best Hardwood Floor for a Summer Beach House

Hardwood floor

If you’ve been thinking about a new floor for your beach house, the options are endless.

When shopping around for your beach house, it is important to consider the style

and colors that are already there. You want to choose something that will blend

with your décor, and still look good if you choose to redecorate. You also want it to

be durable and age gracefully. Hardwood floors are perfect for your beach house,

but with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the one that’s right for

you? Here are a few tips that might help you out with that.


Tropical Beach Flooring

Bamboo is one of the most popular and eco-friendly flooring options available. Due

to its extremely fast growth rate, it is highly sustainable and it grows easily in a

variety of environments. Believe it or not, bamboo isn’t even technically a hardwood

but it does come in third on the Janka hardness scale. That means it’s harder and

more durable than hickory, oak, or maple. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to

complement your beach house: from dark coffee to red-orange to beach-weathered



A Warm, Beach-y Look

If it’s the warmer tones that appeal to you, like the lighter red-browns and umber

tones found in rattan, bamboo and reed patio furnishings, you may want to go for a

solid oak hardwood floor. You can have it whitewashed to age it and really give it

that beach look. Be sure to treat it with a finish that will protect it from sun-

bleaching and harmful UV rays.


Weather-Beaten Gray

If you’re really going for that authentic beach flooring, choose bamboo or hardwood

planks with a weathered, gray look. All major flooring manufacturers have options

for this. A weathered gray hardwood floor isn’t going to look uniform. There will be

variations in the colors of the planks and degree of weathering to make your beach

house’s hardwood flooring as authentic as possible.


Whatever Type of Flooring You Choose, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is Ready to


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all of their flooring needs. We have the knowledge and experience to assess your

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