Top Bedroom Flooring Options

Bedroom flooring

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be wall to wall carpeting. Think outside the plush and go with something else!

When it comes to bedroom flooring options, you may be stuck in an endless rut of carpets. But just because you have always had carpet in your bedroom doesn’t mean carpet is your only option. Let’s take a look at some common and not-so-common bedroom flooring options.


Carpet is no doubt one of the most popular bedroom flooring option. It provides a very soft and warmth service for people just stepping out of bed. Thick carpet can give a bedroom a luxurious feel while protecting you from cold toes. Carpets can provide insolation that other flooring options cannot. It will help keep noises to a minimum while keeping the space warmer. One of the major drawbacks of carpet is the difficulty in cleaning. Carpet attracts both dust and microbial organisms that can bring your air quality down.


Hardwood may seem like a bad option for your bedroom but it is actually the second most popular choice. While it isn’t soft or padded, hardwood planks do have some yield and is warmer than other alternatives. Hardwood flooring can be combined with throw rugs to give your room a unique look that is both beautiful and customized for your space. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring tends to echo noises and does not provide any insulation to keep the space warm.


Vinyl flooring is always a great option for your bedroom flooring. It is amazingly versatile and can be purchased to look like nearly any other material, pattern, or color. This flooring can be combined with padded to create the look of hardwood or stone and the cushion of carpet. Vinyl flooring is also easily maintained with just a sweep or vacuuming once every week to remove loose debris. Vinyl flooring lasts a long time and is perfect for busy households. The major drawback of vinyl flooring is the production process. This flooring can be harsh on the environment as it uses petroleum resources to make.

When choosing a bedroom flooring it is important to look at all of your options. So which bedroom flooring will you choose? Call Jim Boyd’s Flooring America today to shop for your bedroom flooring options.

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