What’s the Best Outdoor Flooring for a New Sunroom?


Having a sunroom has many benefits, and the options for outdoor flooring are endless!

With the summer on its way, many people are finally preparing to roll up their sleeves and begin home addition projects that they’ve been considering. One of the most popular projects for the warmer months is the addition of a sunroom — something that’s a fun and practical extension to your existing home and perfect for entertaining. But with that addition, comes many options, the first of which is outdoor flooring. Like the rest of the design process for a sunroom, choosing from among the many outdoor flooring options can be daunting — but crucial. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of each possible flooring option!

Getting Started

The first and most important thing to remember is that a sunroom is very different from the construction of your standing house. By its very design, a sunroom is always exposed to the elements all year and — especially with a good amount of foot traffic — the floors need to be sturdy and resistant to both fading and moisture. In the warmer months, your floors also need to be constructed to keep from overheating and burning bare feet in the summer sun — but they should also absorb some of that sunlight to warm the room during the winter. Luckily, each flooring option can be somewhat customized to handle those many variables.

Outdoor Carpeting

Keeping in mind the necessity of having a floor that is both heat absorbent and resistant — depending upon the season — carpeting is usually a safe bet, especially due to its versatility. If you opt on using carpet, just be sure to purchase an indoor/outdoor type that is deliberately designed for multi-seasonal use.



Although hardwood floors can be used for your sunroom, laminate is a great alternative for numerous reasons. With it, you can get all the same benefits for a fraction of the cost of custom hardwood. Additionally, you can even select a tile or stone laminate for an elegant motif. Just like using laminate inside of your home, its major benefit is that it’s cheaper and easier to install than other materials. Really, the only major drawback with laminate outdoors is that it can be prone to fading after numerous seasons in the sun. You’ll want to make sure that the variety you pick out includes UV protection.



Like laminate, tiling is always great for durability and low-maintenance. It handles humidity perfectly and, unlike rolled carpeting, can always be swapped out in the event of damage to individual areas. Because of the endless options in design, you can really customize your sunroom’s motif with specific tile designs.

Choosing the Best Flooring from Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

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