Why Are Wool Rugs Great For High Traffic Areas?

Is your home or commercial business plentiful of high traffic areas? If yes, you should buy rugs to keep your hard flooring in mint condition.

The best rugs for high traffic areas are well-made wool rugs. Wool rugs are durable and come in a variety of stylish options. You can even extend the lifespan of your wool rugs by placing pads underneath them.

Remember, most rugs wear from the bottom, not the top because their knots rub against the floor. With the pads as shock absorbers, your rugs will be held in place.

Avoid rugs made of natural materials like sea grass. Natural rugs will absorb any liquid spills and rapidly deteriorate. Never use silk rugs because they are not durable. Do not purchase shaggy carpets because they wear out from walking traffic walking on the side rather than the top of the pile.

To avoid having to constantly clean your rugs, avoid whites, creams and really dark solid colors. These colors are easily stained by foot traffic. Instead, go with a hue that’s in between those extremes.

Solids with specks of color in it or patterns with camouflage will help you camouflage any pet hair, human hair, spills and dirt until you are able to clean your rugs.

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