Why Spring Is The Best Time To Replace Your Flooring

Learn why spring Is the best time to replace your flooring.

Learn why spring Is the best time to replace your flooring.

It’s true that the best time to replace your flooring is whenever you need to, but as for the best time of year, it’s spring! As the extreme temperatures of winter and summer can have an effect on flooring, especially hardwood, the warm season of spring is the perfect time to install new floors. Continue reading to learn more about why spring is such a great time to replace your flooring.


New lines are often released in the spring, which in turn means old lines are dropped and discounted. This makes for a perfect time to install new flooring for everyone, as those who are looking for the newest floors will have plenty to choose from, and those on a budget will have a broader choice of discounted lines. If you are shopping on a budget, take a look at our Flooring Promotions page to take advantage of our discounts!

Humidity And Dryness

As previously mentioned, the extreme high and low temperatures of summer and winter effect flooring, and the weather of fall and spring makes for better installation conditions. In humid summers, hardwood floors may suffer from absorbing the moisture. Humid weather causes wood to distort, swell, and pull apart. Also, winter weather is typically very dry, causing wood to dehydrate and crack or shrink. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t install during these seasons, just ensure to have a dehumidifier or AC in the summer, and a humidifier in the winter.


The installation process comes with fumes and odors from floor adhesive, stains, and sealers, so ventilation is key. Once again, winter and summer are not the best times of year for installation, as leaving your doors and windows open for a long period of time will create uncomfortable conditions for the professionals and your family. The warm temperature of spring allows you to leave your doors open without suffering from the heat or cold.

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