How Do I Care for My Tile Flooring?

When you make an investment in your home, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Your home’s floors are bound to take a daily beating; after all, they’re one part of the house that you know is being consistently used! From dirty shoes to dropped objects to general dust-gathering, you want to make sure that your floors stay looking as good as the day you installed them. Here are a few tips on how to care for different types of tile flooring.

Stay on top of it

Well, literally, you’re going to be on top of your floor all the time. But I’m talking about when spills occur- make sure to clean your spills up immediately with a mop or damp cloth. Otherwise, you run the risk of it drying to the tile and becoming sticky or tacky. That in turn will attract and hold dust and dirt to the surface, so it’s best to get spills out of the way as soon as possible.

Sweep it up

Dust and crumbs can collect on a tile floor easily. However, bigger, grittier debris can find its way on to your flooring and scratch it if left untended. Sweep your tile regularly to remove anything that might scratch the surface, as scratches are vulnerable to collecting more dirt and to trapping bacteria.

Seal it out

The grout sealing between your tiles should be executed properly and by professionals in order to ensure that nothing can get caught in the gaps. Tile flooring can be prone to staining if liquid finds its way under the tile surface, but grout prevents this from happening, keeping your floors looking good.

Go gently on it

Avoid any cleaners with acids or abrasives, as these can seriously damage the look and quality of your floor. If you keep up with regular sweeping and mopping, you shouldn’t need to reach for the tough stuff anyway!

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