Keep Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Looking Like New

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you’ve recently just installed new vinyl floors, or are just looking for ways to protect the floor and keep it looking new, look no further! We’ve got a great list of floor cleaning tips and tricks to keep your luxury vinyl tile looking brand new all year ‘round. Take a look at these 5 helpful hints and see how you can improve the look of your vinyl flooring. With the right cleaning and care, your guests will think you have a whole new floor!

  • The doormat is your friend. Believe it or a not, a doormat isn’t just for decoration. It can be extremely helpful in keeping unwanted dirt and chemicals off your floor, which could damage the vinyl.
  • Clean regularly. If you see dirt on the floor, don’t leave it there. Clean it up right away. Make sweeping a part of your nightly cleanup regimen.
  • Use mild cleaners. Harsh cleaners can damage your vinyl floors. Your best bet is to use mild cleaners with a damp, warm mop. If you’ve adopted a daily sweeping/cleaning habit, you shouldn’t need to use strong cleaning products anyway.
  • Don’t overuse water on the floor. Like we said, all you really need is a damp mop. Too much water can seep in between the crevices and seams and loosen the glue that holds the vinyl floor down. This can result in water damage and make the edges of the floor slightly curl.
  • Give your furniture some feet. We don’t mean this in the literal sense, of course. Protective “feet” for the legs of your furniture can help to protect your vinyl flooring. Heavy furniture can cause dents in the floor over time, and sliding furniture such as chairs and table can cause marks on the floor.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing option for the floors in your home. If you don’t have any experience with luxury vinyl flooring and are interested in installing, contact Jim Boyd’s flooring. We can fill you in on all the positives of installing today. To reach us, call 410-667-0620 or click here!

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