Midsummer Flooring Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Throughout the summer months, there are numerous ways to keep your floor looking beautiful.

Summer is here and your whole home needs a little extra TLC to get through the warm months without breaking a sweat (or breaking period!). If you have hardwood flooring, it’s especially important that you pay attention to them throughout the midsummer period, as heat and humidity have a huge effect on them. Here are some of our finest time-tested midsummer flooring tips to keep your hardwood floors cool all season long.


Use Your Blinds and Curtains

Direct sunlight can shine directly on your hardwood flooring over the course of the day and actually lead to fading and discoloration. Many homeowners spend significant amounts of money investing in gorgeous hardwoods, only to leave their blinds open all summer long and end up with fading. The added benefit of closing your blinds and curtains is also energy savings on your air conditioning bill, so don’t be afraid to close the curtains.


Put Door Mats Outside of Your Doors

Summer fun can mean mud, water, and dirt being tracked all over your hardwood

flooring. Every time that you track grit and dirt into your home, shoes and feet rub it

into the hardwood like sandpaper and scratch the finish. Over time, these scratches

and scrapes can add up to a really unattractive hardwood floor! Always place door

mats outside of every door in your home, including the back door, and make sure

that every member of your family wipes their shoes off before entering.


Vacuum Your Floors First

Most people think of sweeping when they think of hardwood floors, but in reality,

vacuuming is the best option. Use the bare floor attachment so that you don’t do

more damage to your flooring. Sweeping can scrape pebbles and dirt across the

surface of your hardwood flooring and create unattractive and damaging grooves

and scuffs.


Check the Tips of Your Furniture

If you use hardwood flooring, you should already have felt tips placed under the legs

of the furniture in your home. Summer is the perfect time of year to ensure that they

are still intact and in good shape. If not, replace them now!


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