Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood

hardwood-cleaningEveryone loves spring. It’s the season of bright green grass peaking up through soil, blooming daffodils, warm rain, and new starts. Unfortunately, in order to get that fresh start, you need a fresh home and that requires the dreaded practice of spring cleaning. The tasks can certainly pile up, but if you handle one at a time, you’ll make it to summer with a fabulously clean home. Part of spring cleaning is making sure that your hardwood floors are sparkling. You know your hardwood floors are a bit sensitive, so check out these tips.

The toughest part about cleaning hardwood flooring is deciding what products to use, and learning what not to use. The biggest worries when cleaning solid hardwood stem from fears of scratching or warping your floors. In truth, the process is quite simple and definitely won’t break your back. Once you get in a good, thorough cleaning, keep up the look with an abbreviated version of this routine.

Sweep First

It can be plenty tempting to just bring out the vacuum and suck up all of the dust and debris, but vacuums aren’t always your best tool when it comes to cleaning your hardwood. If you like the ease that goes along with vacuums, consider purchasing a canister vacuum. These tools are made specifically for gentle debris pick up, and are a great option for your floors. Of course, you can take the old fashioned route and sweep up dirt with a broom. For the most thorough sweeping that is still gentle on your flooring, use a micro fiber broom with fringe.

Mop Second

Mopping is about as controversial as topics come when you are in the world of hardwood flooring. Water and wood simply don’t mix quite right. Too much water can cause wood to rot and warp, but without any liquid, how can you get your floors clean? A little bit of water is okay, as long as it isn’t allowed to stay. A good trick to avoid problems is to use a spray bottle. Spray your water/cleaning solution on a small area of floor and mop it up section by section. Continue this process until you’ve mopped your entire floor.

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