3 Bathroom Tile Design Concepts

Are you remodeling your bathroom tiles? If yes, we are here to help you pick the tile design best for your lifestyle and bathroom. Read below to learn about bathroom tile concepts.

Tiles are an excellent material to use in bathroom remodeling because it helps waterproof your bathroom and build up essentials of your bathroom such as counters, showers, and walls. Here are a few design concepts you need to know about to have a great bathroom design:

The Types of Tile

The types of tiles available for bathroom remodeling are granite, marble, ceramic, synthetic stone, vinyl and linoleum. Granite and marble are the most expensive in style and they are also the most attractive tiling. You have to properly seal granite and marble tiles so your bathroom will not suffer from water damage.

Ceramic tile and synthetic stone are less expensive than granite and marbles. Ceramic tile and synthetic stone are durable. Ceramic is very flexible and it is also diverse in color and size. Vinyl and linoleum tiles are the least expensive tiles to use for bathroom remodeling.

Polished Tile Surfaces

If you want your flooring to look like a continuous surface rather than be obvious tiling, you can.  All you have to do is use tiles identical in color and size. Put them close together and polish them. Stones are great tiles to use to pull off the continuous surface look.


Do you have an extra wall space in your bathroom? If so, you can decorate it with tiles you do not use for other components of your bathroom. Design a mosaic or mural on your wall. Ceramic tiles are great to use for mosaics (can be different in coloration). You can also use mirror tiles in this piece of bathroom artwork.

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Source: Bathroom Tiles Concepts

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