5 Kitchen Flooring Designs That Make Your Kitchen Welcoming

Kitchen remodeling can be a fun and creative situation. Remodeling your kitchen flooring is a great way to redesign your kitchen. The design, color and surface of kitchen flooring are important to consider but your most important factor of kitchen flooring is increasing comfort and durability.

Here are some great kitchen floorings to consider:

Natural Stone Flooring. This kitchen flooring is durable and easy to maintenance. It offers a timeless appearance for any kitchen décor. The larger the stone pieces, the more seamless your flooring will look with fewer grout lines.

Don’t forget to have a strong sub floor to give your natural stone the most impressive look.

Cork Flooring. Cork is great for kitchen flooring because it comes in various colors and patterns. It’s very sustainable and gives a warm feel to a kitchen with it cushioned surface. Be sure to seal it to waterproof your flooring and make cleaning easier.

Linoleum Flooring. This flooring is very easy to maintenance. You can purchase it in sheets or tiles of a wide range of colors. Linoleum is not vinyl. Vinyl is made of synthetic material that’s imprinted with patterns on the surface. Linoleum is completely natural and it has color throughout.

Vinyl Flooring. This is great flooring for homeowners that want to imitate stone, wood, tile and leather but they don’t want to spend the money for authentic flooring. Vinyl is easy to clean with a soft underfoot to give your kitchen a welcoming feel.

Hardwood Flooring. Last but not least, hardwood flooring goes well in open floor plan kitchens. Hardwood is timelessness and gives warmth to any home style. If you live in an urban loft, cozy cottage or a traditional home, you will appreciate this flooring.

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