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Are you shopping for home flooring? Then we have great flooring ideas to share. Each and every room of the home needs a flooring that helps bring to life the home personality.

Green flooring looks especially great in the home and offers a variety of health benefits. What are the most environmentally friendly flooring types designed for home installation.

Here are green floors you may want to consider:

Bamboo flooring that’s FSC certified. This floor type is very durable and it’s hard than wood flooring made of red oak or maple.  It’s best to use bamboo flooring for rooms such as the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Green carpets. We recommend buying specifically green area rugs.  Have carpet installations completed with stairs, bedrooms, and family rooms. We do not recommend carpet installations for laundry room or basements.

Cork flooring. It’s easy to clean and provides excellent support for the feet. It’s perfect for any kitchen.

Linoleum flooring. It’s very low maintenance. Have linoleum flooring installed in the bathroom, kitchen and family room.

If you cannot decide on a flooring, you can always keep your concrete flooring and have a custom area rug created by Jim Boyd’s Flooring America.

When purchasing flooring for the home, always keep in mind the amount of traffic & sunlight exposure the floor will experience. If you believe your family will be rough on your flooring,  avoid having high quality engineered flooring installed. Pre-finished flooring will cost more than unfinished flooring products. If you have carpet, use a quality vacuum or purchase a soft brush.

Take a look at our products and come to our showroom today. You can count on us for beautiful flooring and. Custom carpets.

Jim Boyd’s is here to help you add warmth and style to your home with our excellent flooring and carpet selections.

We are here to offer you home flooring solutions.

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