Are Cork Floors and Linoleum Floors Consider Good Green Flooring?

Do you want to install green flooring in your facility? If yes, you should consider installing cork and linoleum flooring.

Linoleum is a great hard surface flooring, especially for facility managers interested in green designs. Linoleum is a natural product and it can help make your facility qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system points.

Both Linoleum tile and sheet flooring are great for any type of facility traffic because they are tough and durable natural products.

When you’re purchasing linoleum, you are not purchasing sheet vinyl. Often people mistakenly categorize linoleum as sheet vinyl.

Natural linoleum is composed of linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork, wood flour and a jute backing. In no shape or form does linoleum contain vinyl and linoleum cannot be maintained like vinyl.

Linoleum products need to have coating applied and high-pH strippers and cleaners should not be used on linoleum floors because unforgettable damage can happen. Nonetheless, linoleum floors are low maintenance.

As for using cork as a green flooring option, it’s a great choice. This resilient flooring option provides green benefits, softness, style, sound insulation and heat insulation to any facility.

Unlike linoleum floors, cork floors do feature vinyl backing and a vinyl wear layer. In other words, you can maintain cork floors the same way you maintain vinyl floors.

However, natural cork tile and cork floating floors should be handled and maintained exactly like natural wood flooring.

The majority of cork floors receive a factory finish of urethane, acrylic or wax. If your cork floor is finished with urethane or acrylic, then it should be damp mopped with very little water, similar to wood.

You should also know waxed cork is high maintenance and real paste wax should be used.

Never use liquid floor finishes on cork because eventually these floors will require stripping and you will not want to damage your cork.

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