Bamboo Flooring: The Grass Is Green

Are you considering installing Bamboo Flooring? If yes, we are here to tell you all about Bamboo flooring and why it is a great flooring selection.


Bamboo flooring is physically attractive and durable. It is also renewable and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is A Type of Grass

Bamboo is a grass that is as hard as maple.  It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo can grow even after harvesting, making it a very renewable source of flooring material.


How Bamboo Flooring Is Made

After bamboo has been harvested, its outer, green layer of skin is removed and cut into strips and flattened. The natural moisture of the bamboo is removed and the bamboo gets boiled. Bamboo can be cut and colored differently.


Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Flooring

When being glued, bamboo can be bound with narrow edges that face up to give it a thin, channel pattern. Or the Bamboo broader surface can be bound facing upward to make surface more like traditional hardwood. Both horizontal and vertical bamboos come in great decorative choices.


Horizontal style bamboo has node patterns that look like growth rings in hardwood. The vertical style bamboo is very narrow and distinctive in decoration with the binding of the bamboo strips.


The Color of Bamboo

Bamboo flooring can come in two colors. The two colors are natural and carbonized, which are determined during the boiling process. If you want a natural bamboo flooring color of creamy blonde, then this will add brightness to any interior you enjoy.


Carbonized bamboo comes in a smoky, caramel color. This comes from being boiled longer than natural bamboo.


To learn about Bamboo flooring do’s and don’ts read this article.


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Source: Bamboo Flooring: The Grass is Green


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