Bathroom Safety: Anti-Slip Flooring

When you make bathroom renovations, it’s crucial that you make sure bathroom safety and accessibility should be top priorities.

The bathroom can be a very dangerous place, from slippery tiles to scorching hot water.

Here’s how you can make your bathroom safer and more accessible today:

Have Anti-Slip Flooring Installed. The standard bathroom is tiled from ceiling to floor, which can make slipping easy. For this reason, ceramic tile should be the last bathroom flooring option because the floor gets wet and makes it very easy to lose footing. It can be very dangerous if you lose footing especially when climbing out of a bathtub or shower.

Instead, go for tiles with textured surfaces. They have more grip than slip.

If you prefer glossy tiles, go for ones with more grout lines. They offer more traction. You can also place down rubber-backed rugs and bath mats to provide additional comfort to bathroom users and reduce potential to slip.

The ideal bathroom flooring is natural unpolished stone tile flooring that is no glazed ceramic or tiles but textured surface flooring.

Natural unpolished stone tiles, non-glazed ceramic and tiles with a textured surface as the perfect choice for bathroom flooring.

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