Best Flooring Options For Your Child’s Playroom


From carpet to eco-friendly, find the best flooring option for your child’s playroom at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America.

There are many options to consider when deciding the type of flooring for a child’s playroom. You want the floor to be comfortable, durable, and stain resistant. If having eco-friendly flooring in your home is important to you, then you also want to look for “green” flooring made from natural and renewable materials.


Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring options for playrooms, as we know it is very soft and cushions the blow when a child falls. Carpets are easy to clean, cost-effective, and come in a large variety of colors- making them a great option for any child’s playroom. Also, there are many stain-resistant brands on the market, and it is easy to increase the durability of the main carpet by adding an area rug in areas you want to keep clean.


Vinyl is another great flooring choice because of how versatile it is. It is soft enough for young kids feet, while also being very stain resistant and durable. Foam lettering can be added on top of the vinyl, or you can decide to add some color and pattern with a decorative rug. Vinyl flooring is inexpensive and fairly easy to install and is also easy to replace.


Laminate is a very durable option and is inexpensive and easy to clean. Since this flooring option is so durable and will never go out of style, it can last you a very long time. The planks are made to match any color or grain of hardwood floors, so they are a great option in other areas of your home as well. The planks can be installed over existing flooring, making it very easy to install, maintain, and replace. Once again, adding an area rug or decorative rugs throughout the room are a great way to add comfort and color.


As for a good eco-friendly flooring option, cork is perfect for playrooms. Cork is pretty soft and elastic when stepped on, and provides comfort for kids playing all day long. The material is also great for any rooms where you tend to stand for long periods of time, such as the kitchen. Cork has a natural look, and will always look on-trend and modern. The one downside is that cork isn’t as durable as other materials, so it should be treated with a durable protectant.

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