Carpet Vs. Hardwood: The Pros and Cons Of Home Flooring

Are you struggle on making a final decision to install carpet or wood into your home? If yes, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to help you make the right decision for your home interior design by providing you essential information on the pros and cons of carpet and wood.

We understand that deciding on flooring for your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a homeowner.

You can start your journey on picking the right flooring for your home by asking yourself this question:

What type of flooring do you want your toes to touch first thing in the morning – Hardwood or carpet?

Carpet is a good selection for homeowners that love softness and quietness in the home. Carpet helps with noise control by muffling footsteps. Carpet can even make a tumble to a floor much safer by providing cushioning for a fall.

If you’re more on natural beauty appeal, go for hardwood. Hardwood has a clean appearance and can look brand new decades later with proper care.

The right flooring for you will all depend on the living habits within the home because living habits will ultimately affect the life of the product. You can always have a wood floor refinished to freshen its look overtime.

If you want your wood floor to look a bit distress, go for hand-scraped wood flooring. This type of wood features deeper grooves, hides any dents and wear that may occur. In other words, it will add a lasting value to your home, while alleviating any allergy concerns.

Remember, hardwood floors are sustainable, renewable and natural in material.

As for floor care, wood can be wiped clean, vacuumed, swept and mopped. Carpet can be vacuumed and steam cleaning can be done once a year.

You can always have the best of both worlds by installing a wood floor and placing different area rugs on top, room by room.

At Jim Boyd’s Flooring America, we have carpet & flooring options that can serve the needs of both residential homeowners and business customers, and interior designers.

Jim Boyd’s business philosophy is based upon treating customers and employees with the utmost consideration.

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