Commercial Flooring: What is The Best Flooring For A Hair Salon?

Do you run a busy hair salon? If yes, purchasing and installing the right flooring for your hair salon is important. With the right flooring, you could improve your sales, the appearance of your hair salon and make your hair salon low maintenance in design.

This article will provide you information on shopping for quality hair salon flooring.

To remodel a hair salon that’s attractive to customers and easier to upkeep, you need to install a floor that’s elegant yet easy to clean.

The two most common hair salon-flooring options are tile flooring and hardwood flooring. Why? Tile flooring and hardwood flooring can easily complement bright interior designs that will make your hair salon appear more spacious and welcoming.

Customers are drawn to well lit and creative hair salons that have comfortable waiting areas and make conserving easy.

If you are in search for a long lasting hair salon floor, you should consider ceramic tiles that have at least a PEI rating of 5.0. Ceramic tiles should be medium to large in size to prevent the tiling from looking overcrowded. Ceramic tiles are highly durable, resistant to moisture, staining and wear. Perfect for any heavy foot traffic location.

If you prefer carpet, we recommend 18X18 carpet tiles. Keep in mind you will have to clean your carpet on a regular basis to maintain its appeal.

The most economically sound flooring option is VCT flooring. We recommend bamboo VCT tiles if you are concerned about your flooring getting in contact with hair chemicals. Bamboo flooring features a chemical resistant layer that can last for over a decade before another coating is necessary.

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