Eco Friendly Flooring Options: Bamboo Floors

If you’re looking to install eco-friendly flooring that’s stylish, you should consider bamboo flooring for your home flooring.

Bamboo flooring is one of the top eco-friendly floors on the market because bamboo can be harvested every 3 to 5 years instead of taking 30 years to grow for harvest such as required of an oak tree.

Don’t let the fast growth fool you; bamboo has just as much strength and durability as hardwood. In fact, bamboo is harder than red oak, ash, maple and beech. It can rival steel and it surely surpasses graphite in weight to strength ratio by its ability to withstand up to 52,000 pounds of pressure PSI.

Bamboo virtually has no negative impact to the environment, making it a very economically sound choice.

It’s recommended to float a bamboo floor to provide cushion and add elements of soundproofing.

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