Flooring for Your Staircase

Staircase flooring

Carpet may seem like your only staircase flooring option. But there are some others you should look into.

Choose flooring for your home can be a big decision but what about flooring for a utility space like your staircase? You use your stairs at least twice a day but how often do you really look at it? Let’s take a moment to talk about some flooring options for your staircase.


Carpet seems like the “duh” option when it comes to staircases. Relatively inexpensive, good cushioning if you happen to fall, and pretty low-profile. But is it really the only option? Consider pulled-down nylon or level-loop constructions for a clean look and its resilience. Along with your carpet, you will want high-quality cushioning to keep the carpet lasting longer. For better wear and to prevent noticeable gaps in fibers, have your carpet running down the stairs instead of side to side. Seams are always a concern for carpeted staircases. Longer pile carpets will help hide the seams better than short or looped pile carpets.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is a great flooring option if you want a cohesive look for your entryway and hallways. This flooring is durable and looks beautiful. If you are concerned about dents or scratches, choose a textured wood like a wire-brushed or hand-scraped wood. Stick with a light stain and lower gloss finish to hide pet hair and dirt. You will also have to decide between solid and engineered hardwood flooring. If you choose solid hardwood, you may be susceptible to damage from moisture and humidity. But engineered woods can take humidity and moisture. However, all woods are susceptible to water damage so make sure to use absorbent mats where moisture is common like in entry ways.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colors and styles, which is perfect when you want to look of wood without the hassle. Laminate flooring is a great choice for high-traffic areas and is less slippery than other natural materials. Unlike other materials, laminate flooring may be a bit tricky to apply to stairs with its click-and-lock features. If you choose laminate, talk with your flooring representative about special one-piece laminate stair-tread flooring options offered by the manufacturer.

Choosing flooring is never a simple option, but with Jim Boyd’s Flooring America’s nearly limitless options, you are bound to find beautiful flooring for your home!

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