Flooring Myths Revealed


When searching for the right flooring for your needs, you don’t want to base your flooring purchase on flooring myths.

When you’re shopping for flooring, you don’t want synthetic carpet, toxic glues and formaldehyde carpet pad apart of the equation.

Glue down synthetic carpet can have people rushed to the hospital for severe toxic reaction to the chemicals.

Here are some truths about common flooring myths:

1. Myth: Wool carpet is very expensive and stains. It is bad for high traffic.  Truth: Wool carpet actually last 25 years or more. It’s great for carbon footprint. The unique microscopic fibers in the wool can make stain removal easier and dangerous stain repellents don’t have to be used.

2. Myth: Synthetic carpet off-gases for 72 hours and then it’s safe. Truth: Synthetic carpet and its underpad has hundred of chemicals in it including styrenebutedyne, stain-repellent, and pure formaldahyde.

3. Myth: Laminate flooring is cheap and makes for good looking flooring. Truth: Laminate flooring is particle board with an image glued on it and a layer of PVC ( a hormone disruptor).  This causes hormone chemical disruption for young girls.

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