Flooring Trends of 2016

2016 Flooring trends

Choose one of these 2016 flooring trends for your home!

When it comes to flooring for the 2016 year, the trends of the past year are going out the window. Let’s take a look at the latest trends for your flooring remodel.


Bamboo flooring has been around a long time. But for 2016, this flooring is seeing a variety in colors and styles. Bamboo is as hard or even harder than most hardwood floors when dried and processed. Since bamboo is technically a grass, this wood is a quickly renewable resource. One of the newest products on the market is called strand-woven bamboo, a highly engineered product that is made using the inner fibers of the bamboo. This flooring is twice as hard as traditional bamboo.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is also circling the market once again because of its classic good looks. Whether this wood was reclaimed from an old building before it was torn down or is new factory-finished hardwood flooring, this flooring is tough and ready to stand up to whatever your home has in store for it. Factory-finished wood can also stand up to moisture better than any other wood on the market.

Large-Format Tile

In today’s tile, you can find a lot of different colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. But only a few years ago your choice of tiles were limited to only a handful of colors and sizes. The newest tile trend to come down the line is larger sizes. Tiles as large as 12-by-12 inches or even 36-by-36 inches. These large tiles mean fewer grout lines and leaves your flooring looking ultra-modern and clean.


This flooring offers acoustic appeal as well as aesthetic appeal. This flooring is often chosen for loud spaces because of its acoustic-insulating qualities. Cork flooring is also more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwood flooring because it is softer. Today’s cork options are available in a wide variety of colors and is also extremely durable.

American Hardwoods

Nothing like American hardwood, right? For homeowners who want a sustainable wood, American hardwood might be the answer. Oak, hickory, maple, and heart pine are all making a comeback for American Hardwood floorings. These floors are chosen over foreign flooring because new trees are planted in its place.
With so much to know about flooring trends for 2016, check back for our other flooring trends to learn about carpeting and other flooring options for your home this year!

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