How do you select perfect flooring for a home?

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Are you holiday shopping for home flooring, but you’re unsure how to select the perfect floor for your home? It’s not as hard as it’s cracked up to be. You simply have to ask yourself the right questions and answer honestly. You need to think about the functionality of particular rooms, while still keeping in mind your personal taste and the practicality for your flooring. Remember, having quality home flooring isn’t all about looks. You and your family will be using your floor surface for everyday walking, standing, playing and more.

What type of questions should you ask yourself about flooring? Here’s a list:

  1. How will your family use the room the flooring will be installed?
  2. How much floor traffic do you expect your home flooring to experience?
  3. Do you expect your flooring to experience moisture on the regular? If yes, you will need water resistant floors.
  4. Are you looking for a low maintenance floor?

Here are our recommendations for home flooring by room:

For kitchens, go for highly durable, low maintenance flooring. Everyone in the family will use the kitchen and that in itself requires a floor surface that’s easy to clean and still adds style to your kitchen. You cannot go wrong with linoleum floors, ceramic tile or engineered wood in the kitchen. Ceramic tiles will ensure you that your floors won’t dent or scratch easily.

As for bathrooms, you need flooring that will hold up  well to moisture. Some of the most popular bathroom floorings are linoleum, ceramic tile, marble, granite and limestone. You may also want to consider vinyl flooring for it’s easy to clean surface.

For the rest of your home flooring installations, it will be all about your personal style. Your living room and overall living areas will be for entertaining guests and adding extra comfort to your home lifestyle. You can have hardwood flooring installed and top it with beautiful, custom area rugs/ carpets. You can get as creative and exotic as you like with home carpets. Our flooring and carpet consultants are here for you every step of the way.

Let us enhance the beauty and elegance of your home with beautiful floors that are stain resistant and offer plenty of versatility. Think of your flooring as the fifth wall of every room in your home. Get creative. Decorate to your hearts content. You can count on Jim Boyd’s Flooring America to give you what you want and in flooring today.

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