How Tile Kitchen Flooring Increases Home Resale Value

Are you considering selling your home and searching for kitchen flooring that will contribute to increasing your home resale value?

If yes, we highly recommend installing tile kitchen flooring.

A tile kitchen floor can help you sell your home quicker, easier and increase your home’s resale value.


Tile is a floor seen in the majority of modern kitchen homes. Cobblestone tiling has been one of the most affordable. It is recommended that homeowners considering kitchen tile avoid light colors such as white because light colors are easy to stain and hard to clean.

Stylish kitchen flooring is critical to increasing home resale value because the flooring serves as the feature that unites all the elements of the kitchen.

The kitchen flooring should be highly durable, low maintenance and keep the kitchen-remodeling project within budget.

Homebuyers can be drawn to a home with the right price and the right style of kitchen. Low maintenance and comfortable kitchen-flooring tile is sheet vinyl flooring. It’s prefect for a homeowner who regularly cooks because it is waterproof, stain proof and easy to clean.

The vinyl flooring has very few seams so dirt and moisture have a challenge seeping to the subfloor.

You may also want to consider cushioned vinyl. This vinyl flooring is made from foam sheet vinyl with felt backing to add extra comfort.

With cushioned vinyl, ask your flooring contractor whether configuration requires seams. If it is required it is better to use regular felt backed vinyl than foam regular sheet vinyl.

Vinyl comes in all types of colors, patterns, and textures, including resembling ceramic tile and real stone. Textured vinyl flooring is wonderful for kitchens because it provides excellent traction for a floor that has the ability to become wet and slippery.

Another great feature of vinyl flooring is its wear layer because it makes the kitchen flooring resistant to scratches and scuff marks for 10 – 20 years.

Cork, porcelain tile and hardwood flooring are also excellent home resale flooring.

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