How To Eliminate Squeaky Sounds From Your Hardwood Floors

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Does your home have a case of the squeaky hardwood floors? If yes, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has a cure.
When your hardwood floors frequently squeak, it can be very annoying, especially when fetching that midnight snack or drink.
The following are ways to effectively prevent squeak wood floors from the start:

1. Never use too much material into too small of a space. Wood rubbing on wood is one of the main causes of creaks and squeaks. This rubbing of wood occurs because natural, organic wood material expands and contracts as temperatures and humidity levels change. This makes neighbor planks to fight for space between each other. You can make this expansion more spacious for planks by having powdered graphite applied to lubricate the contact areas. Graphite powder should be applied on the squeaky seams to make the sound become silent.
2.  Have squeaky areas nailed to secure subfloors better. Prior to screwing nails into the wood, pre-drilling planks is required so the wood floor won’t suffer from cracking. Screws should  have square drive heads, not phillips screws. All screws should be lubricated with wax prior to applying the pressure of screws to wood planks. The screw heads should sit beneath the plank surface.Wood filler should be used over the screw heads.

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