How To Maintenance Your Home Carpet

Carpet is an affordable and stylish flooring option any property owner can appreciate. However, to keep the textures, colors, materials, and styles of your carpets looking good, you need to do a bit of maintenance.

If regular maintenance is not completed, carpet stains will result and the quality of the texture would be damaged from heavy wear and tear of the carpet.

This can be prevented with good maintenance.

Here is how you can keep your carpet in the best condition as possible:

  1. Consider purchasing carpet with colors and textures that hide dirt or stains. In other words, avoid purchasing light colored carpets that have no texture. If you do need a light color like a white, try to go for an off-white color such as beige, creamy white or another neutral color. You may even consider Berber carpets to hide common stains of juice and food spills.
  2. Don’t put carpet in high traffic areas of your home. Some high traffic areas you should avoid are door entryways and living rooms. Some great rooms to put carpet in are bedrooms.
  3. Purchase Stain Resistant Carpet. This type of carpet is perfect for kid rooms and living rooms. More importantly, you should have a good carpet cleaner.
  4. Buy Area Rugs. Yes, area rugs can be placed on top of carpet. Not only are area rugs stylish but also they add focal points by creating more texture and warmth to the home.

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