Kitchen Remodeling: Tile Floors

Are you preparing to remodel your kitchen? If yes, it’s a good time to sophisticate the look of your kitchen with mixed tile sizes for kitchen floors.

Tile floors are great for the kitchen area because the tiles can endure heavy foot traffic, water, spills and never will it absorb bad odors or bacteria. Tiles are child and pet friendly as well.

If you are concerned about a hard surface floor, you can always put down floor mats or area rugs on top of your tile floor.

Some of the most durable tile materials you can use for your kitchen are ceramic, stone, metal and glass. Be sure you have your tile floor sealed to water proof it.

Tile floors can be easily cleaned by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.

The following are the benefits you will reap from having a tile floor in the kitchen:

– Stain resistant

-Water resistant

– Scratch resistant

– Tiles can make small kitchens appear larger when large format styles are used to minimize grout lines.

– Tiles come in rectangles, hexagons and octagons to truly allow you to create an unique kitchen design.

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