Summer Makeover: What can Laminate Flooring do for You?

Are you considering a summer makeover for your home?

Jim Boyd’s Flooring American can help you lighten up your home atmosphere with welcoming flooring throughout your beloved home.

You can start in the bathroom. With a fresh coat of paint and new laminate flooring, your bathroom can look brand new. Laminate flooring is great for bathroom settings because the floor is easy to clean in an area where hygiene is important.

You can also use laminate flooring for your kitchen floor because laminate tile flooring is pet friendly and child friendly. If your family is an on-the-go type of family, this is a must for the best kitchen maintenance because any floor damage that happens to a laminate floor can be repaired exactly where the damage has occurred. There’s no need for a full out replacement.

As for bedrooms and living rooms, you may want to purchase area rugs to cover any hardwood flooring. Yes, it will still look nice during the summer. Striped rugs are great summer rugs.

Have a look at our flooring gallery today.

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