The Advantageous Features Of Travertine Tiles

Are you looking to install tiles for the flooring of your home? If yes, you may want to install travertine tiles. Read now to learn about the advantageous features of travertine tiles.

Travertine tiles are not only beautiful in appearance but also very durable. The tile is made up of natural materials, similar to granite and marble.

You have many options in sizing and finishes when flooring is installed. The flooring is very user friendly, easy to maintenance and affordable.

You can choose from three different types of travertine tiles: Tumbled, polished and honed travertine tiles.

The flooring is highly porous with immense water draining capacity making it perfect for areas of the home that need to stop water stagnation, so that slips can be preventable. These tiles are great for swimming pools, water ponds, lakes, footpaths, garden pathways, and balconies.

Some colors you can choose for your tumbled travertine are beige, yellow, walnut and white.

From your pool to your bathroom, travertine tile will keep your home in top shape while enhancing its elegance.

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