The Advantages Of Custom Rugs And Area Rugs

Do you want to make your living room or entertainment room stand out in a sophisticated fashion? If yes, you may want to consider having custom rugs made for your home.


Custom rugs can provide your home a truly unique and personal environment.


A house cannot be an incredible home if all the room designs are identical.


In 2013 home designs are all about distinction and custom rugs are made to perfectly accommodate large rooms, hallways, stairways and more.


Jim Boyd’s Flooring America provides custom-made rug services to match your particular home color combinations, fabric materials, shapes and patterns.


What are the benefits of having custom rugs?


One, they are custom sized so they can fit any room dimension including curves or oddly shape flooring sections.


Two, you can color match your rugs any way you want and pick any type of pattern you desire. If you are not the best at interior designing, our Jim Boyd’s Flooring America experts are here to guide you every step of the way.


Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has been creating custom area rugs for more than 30 years. You can decide on the border, colors and patterns. We will match the majority of patterns you bring to use.


We can also incorporate logo into custom rugs. The possibilities are endless for your custom rug designs.


All custom rugs are produced from superior materials, state of the art technology and highly skilled craftsmen.


We can also provide non-skid cushion under area rugs to make sure your never slide while increasing the life of your area rugs.


At Jim Boyd’s Flooring America, we have carpet & flooring options that can serve the needs of residential homeowners, business customers, and interior designers.


Jim Boyd’s business philosophy is based upon treating customers and employees with the utmost consideration.


For professional services and questions on custom rugs or other flooring options, contact Jim Boyd’s Flooring America by calling 410-667-0620or click here today!


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