The Stylish Flooring Trends Of 2012


Are you looking for a stylish flooring to put in your home this year? If yes, we have for you the 2012 flooring trends. Read this article to find out what flooring styles are trending in 2012.

Furniture Flooring

One hot flooring trend for 2012 is furniture designs because furniture design influences the floor layout we pick for our homes. An eco-carnival could be used for flooring because it is bright and comes in earthy shades for both indoor and outdoor usage. The flooring is both beautiful and patterned.

Living Room Flooring Styles

When picking a flooring style for your living room, you want it to outlive beyond the year. The flooring style needs to be picked based on the look and feel of your living room, its function and your personal taste.

If you are not a fan of bold colors and patterns, you could always choose plain and neutral color flooring. Place a shaggy rug in your living room. Install a wooden floor.

Kitchens Need Style Love Too

Kitchens should never be neglected when it comes to flooring. It is one of the most visited rooms in your home. Add a new, contemporary rug in your kitchen. It could really add to the look and feel of the room. You want your kitchen to be a comfortable area of your home. Place the contemporary rug on top of a kitchen laminate flooring or kitchen tiles. The kitchen rug will help prevent occupants of the kitchen from slipping.

Flooring for Your Hallways

Wood flooring and laminate flooring could go great in hallways. Laminate flooring is popular this year because it is hard-wearing. Laminate is great for hallways and entrance-ways.

Flooring Styles for Your Bedroom

If you are redesigning your bedroom, new flooring could really bring the design to life. Add bold flooring to your bedroom with rugs and bright, patterned carpet. A popular carpet design this year is bold stripes. Another popular design this year for the bedroom is sculptured pattern. It is not too bold or dull. Perfect for any room.

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Source: Stylish Flooring Trends for 2012

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