What is the Best Bathroom Flooring?

Are you remodeling your bathroom flooring? If yes, you are in luck! 2013 has a variety of bathroom flooring options to offer to homebuilders and homeowners alike.

This article will guide you to making the right purchase for your home and lifestyle needs.

To pick the best flooring for your home, you need to start working on a list of what you would look for when it comes to picking out ideal bathroom flooring.

Do you want very durable flooring? Do you need child friendly flooring? How do you want your bare feet to feel walking into your bathroom? How will you maintain effective moisture control?

Answer each of these questions as honest as possible. You will need them.

Here are a list of potential bathroom floorings and Jim Boyd’s rating for each:

  1. Bathroom Carpet. We do not recommend installing an entire carpet in your bathroom. Why not? The carpet will not hold up well to moisture. It is better to have a rug or mat for the toilet or near your bathtub for aesthetic appeal.
  2. Hardwood Flooring. Wood flooring always provides a classy look to any room. However, it is not one of our top choices for bathroom flooring because moisture damages hardwood floors. If you really must have a hardwood bathroom floor, make sure there are no gaps in the wood to prevent moisture from seeping under the surface.
  3. Laminate Flooring. This is really great bathroom flooring because the surface is simply a photograph of oak, cherry slate or marble flooring. Laminate has a strong wear layer that can last for more than 25 years. Best of all it makes it challenging for moisture to seep under the floor.
  4. Ceramic Tile. This is truly an excellent bathroom floor choice. Ceramic tile flooring has a rich, textured solid surface. Ceramic tile is waterproof and very affordable low maintenance flooring.

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