What kind of Flooring is best for a Kitchen?

Kitchen Flooring tips

Are you renovating your kitchen or having a new kitchen designed for your home? Then it’s time to decide on the best kitchen floor surface. When designing a kitchen, most homeowners either go for tile or hardwood.

Tile and hardwood are family friendly and pet friendly. Yes, your dog can walk on your kitchen floor. Yes, your young children can run around the kitchen without diminishing the look of of you floor surface.

If you are worried about rain, snow and weather elements ruining your kitchen flooring, you don’t have to worry. You can have tile flooring installed rather than wood flooring to prevent scratches and dents. Wear is extreme in the kitchen,so having a low maintenance, stylish floor is your best interest.

With wood flooring, you’ll notice wear from regular foot traffic just after a year. To keep a hardwood floor from looking worn down, you will need to have your hardwood refinished from time to time.

If this sounds too high maintenance for your liking, you can buy tile that resembles the look of hardwood. It’s a practical solution that won’t sacrifice beauty. Tile is very resistant to scratches and spills. You can have tile sealed to make it extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Tile is very family friendly. If you have a house full of young children, tile is the right selection. If you have older children, you can consider hardwood flooring because older children are mature enough to clean after themselves and take care of your home.

Not to mention, wood is a relatively soft surface for bear feet, reducing back pain for prolong cooking or standing in the kitchen.

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