Why Is Laminate Flooring A Great Hardwood Floor Alternative?

The beauty of hardwood flooring is like no other flooring but it takes maintenance to keep it in top shape. If you want to enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring but have the endurance of laminate flooring, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to give you what you want and need for your home.

Hardwood floors will give your home a beautiful and timeless look. The flooring is elegant, simple and yet stunning but you risk your hardwood flooring becoming scratched and dented.

But there’s a solution.

With laminate flooring you can have the look and timeless appearance of hardwood floors without the scratches, dents and fade marks.

A Laminate floor is a great alternative to hardwood flooring because it’s more durable than traditional hardwood flooring, inexpensive and still maintains an elegant appearance.

Laminate flooring is a composite product so it can be made to look like wood while still being maintenance like laminate countertop. Laminate has a high-density core that allows an image to be placed on its top layer and sealed with laminate covering. Laminate flooring is also water repellent.

When choosing laminate flooring that resembles wood, you should consider the following prior to installation:

–      Will this flooring be in a high traffic area?

–      Will it be in a low traffic area?

Depending on your answer, you will learn whether you need a small or large core for your laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring core sizes range from 6mm to 12mm. If you’re looking for plenty of stability, always go for the thicker core in your laminate flooring.

You’ll be happy to have a laminate floor in your home because the majority of laminate floors come with at least 10 year long warranties.

The more expensive the laminate floor, the longer the warranty.

Laminate coverings can be installed over sheet vinyl, concrete slabs, plywood underlay, or existing hardwood.

If you’re tired of dealing with water and food spill stains on your traditional hardwood floors, have Jim Boyd’s Flooring America install laminate flooring for you today.

Pick from a variety of laminate flooring styles, colors, and patterns.

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