What is the best flooring for holiday gatherings?

Custom Rugs and Carpets in Baltimore

Do you plan to hold all your holiday gatherings at your home? It’s time to prepare your home to survive the holiday gatherings.

Don’t worry you won’t have to do everything on your own. We are here to help you protect your floor interior design and home carpet.

One of the best floorings you can have for holiday gathering rooms is laminate flooring. When you have a big family come over for the holidays, you need to have child friendly and pet friendly flooring/ carpeting throughout the home.

How can you keep your laminate flooring looking good during your holiday gatherings?

1. You can put down custom area rugs and custom mats in areas where guests will preoccupy in your home. Custom area rugs will protect your laminate flooring and other hardwood floors from heavy foot traffic, scratches and spillage. You can use the same rugs every holiday season to keep your flooring in mint condition.

2. Put a screen on your fireplace to protect your laminate flooring from burning ember that could damage your flooring.

3. Use light weight furniture to seat your guests. Although laminate flooring is very durable, heavy furniture could potentially damage your flooring if guests try to slide furniture around. For heavy furniture items we can create custom pads to place underneath the furniture and protect your home flooring / make your flooring more scratch resistant.

To prepare for Thanksgiving, you can have a new  kitchen floor as well as new bathroom floors installed. The kitchen floors should be water proofed and very durable. You can provide this type of durability for your kitchen with high quality  floor tiles, specifically accent tiles.

You can use accent tiles for your shower floor and overall bathroom flooring. For rooms where dancing will happen, we recommend having hand scraped flooring installed in the home.

As for children playrooms, you cannot go wrong with patterned carpet and area rugs. The area rugs or carpet installation will protect children from injuries as you and adult guests enjoy good conversation, entertainment and food.

It’s better to prepare your home to accommodate guests than fix your home after damage has happened. Here at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America we want to style up your lifestyle just in time for the holiday. We want you to be proud to bring visitors to your home for the holidays. Let us help you make your home known as the best party space in town. Our flooring consultants are here to help you find and install your dram flooring this holiday season.

You can count on Jim Boyd’s Flooring America for fast and easy flooring and carpet installations. We offer very affordable flooring without sacrificing good quality.

We are here to offer you home flooring solutions.

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