Can You Tell if Your Hardwood Floor is Water Damaged?

With summer coming to a close, we can say goodbye to those relentless summer thunder storms along with it. But even though the weather might take a turn for the drier (and colder!), that does not necessarily mean that its lasting effects won’t be seen in your home. Particularly for homeowners in low-lying houses that are prone to flooding, water damage from rain storms can pose a hard-to-see threat to your hardwood floors. Are your hardwood floors suffering from water damage, and if so, what can you do about it? Read on to find out more.

hardwood water damage

Detecting Water Damage 101

Unlike a dent or scratch, water damage can be a more subtle form of damage to your hardwood floors. In order to check for water damage, you will need to perform a thorough inspection of your flooring. Here is Jim Boyd’s Flooring America’s handy guide to inspecting your hardwood floors:

Look for…

Visually, you should take note of any areas of the floor that appear warped or bent in any way, as this is a clear sign of water damage. You can also observe whether areas of finish now seem dull in comparison to the rest of the floor, or if there is cracking or splitting in the floorboards.

Feel for…

If it is too hard to judge visually whether there is warping, run your hands along the hardwood floors and feel for any misshapen sections. You can also feel for any persistent dampness, which would indicate that the water has seeped completely in to the floorboard.

Smell for…

Any musty or moldy odors could indicate mold and mildew growth. During your visual check, you should be aware of any dark corners in which mold would possibly thrive, but the nose knows when it comes to that undeniable mildew scent.

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