Don’t Abuse Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors should not be abused.

Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen to can protect your hardwood floors from damage.

After months and months of debating over your choice in flooring, you have finally settled on beautiful, natural hardwood flooring. This flooring is a timeless investment made to show off the beauty in your home. Now that it has finally been installed, there are some things you should know about what not to do on your hardwood floors.

Chemicals are Hazardous!

While hardwood flooring is known for being easily cleaned, there are some things you should stay away from while running your mop over the wood. Common detergents, bleach, and cleaning chemicals can damage the wood or even dissolve the protective layer of the floor. When selecting a cleaner for your floors, you must use caution. Only use cleaning supplies designated for hardwood floors or you could risk damaging your investment. Do not use things like dish soap, bleach, oils, or ammonia based products to clean the floor. When using the appropriate product, make sure to spread the agent over the wood evenly, not allowing it to soak into the floor. Leaving liquids of any kind on flooring could damage the wood.

Protection from Busy Areas

Although floors are meant to be walked on, it can also be abused in high traffic areas. If your family spends most of their time in your living room, consider putting a rug down in order to stop the floor from wearing unevenly. If your children throw their shoes down the stairs or people wear high heel shoes in the house, these behaviors can cause dents in the wood. Picking up heavy furniture and putting protective pads under it could help prevent dents in the flooring. Protecting your floors will help them retain their resale value as well as keep them from needing to be repaired as often.

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While hardwood flooring is beautiful, it must be taken care of in order for it to last. Changing simple behaviors like throwing things or wearing shoes in the home could prevent your hardwood from damage as well as make the home a move comfortable environment. For more information on hardwood flooring care, visit your hardwood specialists at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America!

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