Are Floating Hardwood Floors Right for My Home?

If you are homeowner considering installing a hardwood floor, you have probably at one point or another been overwhelmed with the number of options of different looks and finishes available to you. And there is yet one more style to add to the mix: floating hardwood floors! Read on to find out more about floating hardwood floors and to decide whether or not they are the right choice for you.

floatinghardwoodFloating Hardwood Floors: The Basics and Benefits

The “floating” part of floating hardwood does not refer to a particular wood type, but rather the method used to install it in your home. The wood planks, which of a traditional hardwood floor would be glued or nailed down to the subfloor, instead “float” above it. The subfloor remains a separate layer, while the hardwood above snaps or, alternatively, is glued together in order to stay in place.

So why do some homeowners opt for floating hardwood floors over a traditional installation method? If you live in a climate where humidity plays a big role, floating hardwood can be very beneficial. Instead of being fixed in place, the wood can expand and contract according to the humidity levels in the room, which decreases the risk of warping. Floating hardwood floors are also much less labor-intensive to install, as they do not require many of the tools associated with traditional hardwood installation. An easier installation can often mean a more affordable project overall, so for homeowners on a budget who are still looking to get all of the benefits of quality hardwood floors, this option can prove to be ideal.

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