Go Green from the Ground Up with Eco-friendly Flooring

Summer is starting, and with everything now in full bloom it looks as if the whole world is   going green! What better time, then, to go right along with it with sustainable, eco-friendly flooring options for your home? While all the brightness of the season will eventually fade late in autumn, the benefits of an eco-friendly floor are far more long lasting and can keep your home comfortable for years to come.

“Green” products are often easily found; labels and tags proclaim that this soap is solvent-free or that container is biodegradable. But how do we know what flooring options are our best bets when trying to stay environmentally conscious? Here’s a handy list of what to be looking for to get you started:

If you want hardwood floors…

Classic and stylish, hardwood floors are on the wish list of many homeowners and homeowners-to-be. Luckily for them, eco-friendly wood floor options are available! “Reclaimed” wood, or wood that has been recycled from a previous use, as well as sustainably-sourced wood from maintained forests can be used for your floors. Jim Boyd’s Flooring America offers brands that share your interest in eco-friendly wood, among them Anderson, Armstrong, and Mohawk.

Within the realm of wood flooring, you could also opt for bamboo. Bamboo is extremely fast-growing and abundant, making it one of the most sustainable flooring materials. Contrary to what many initially thought, bamboo is just as durable, if not more so, than other woods such as maple and oak, and is just as visually appealing. Since bamboo is a natural resource, there are no chemicals that go into producing it- just one more reason it might be the best green choice for you.

If you want carpeting…

The most environmentally-conscious carpet options are those made from natural fibers or from recycled products. But even companies that deal in other types of carpet show their support for Mother Earth in the way they go about production. Some of these products sold by Jim Boyd’s Flooring America are made from eco-friendly fibers such as DuraSilk, Stainmaster Luxerell BCF Nylon, and SmartStrand polymers. Companies such as Beaulieu, too, offer products made using energy-efficient technology, all which helps green initiatives.

If you want another option…

Tile, linoleum, ceramic, and stone can all come in eco-friendly varieties. For one thing, many of these options can be reused or repurposed later on, or you can choose recycled materials to make up your flooring now. Ceramic in particular, which, like wood, is made from natural resources and not manufactured synthetics, is a green choice; caring for ceramic does not need to involve harsh cleaning chemicals if done the right way.

There are many ways to do your part on behalf of the environment, and choosing a green flooring option is one of them. For more information, check out our “Green Products” tab on our homepage, jimboydsflooringamerica.com, or call us at 410-667-0620.







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