Hardwood and Pets: We Can Work it Out

Dogs and hardwood floors

When your pet comes bounding in from outside, you’ll cringe at the thought of those paws on the hardwood. We’ve got solutions!

Lovable as they may be, pets can be disastrous for your hardwood floor. Not only do they have sharp nails, but they can simply be messy. For homeowners, the fear of owning pets and hardwood floors at the same time is quite influential in the decision making process. If you have always wanted hardwood floors, but fear that your furry friends will make that dream impossible, we’ve got great news for you. Now, it might be tough to train your dog to tread lightly on your hardwood, so it’s best to mold your flooring choices to fit your lifestyle.

Hardwood Look-A-Likes

If you’re willing to let go of the idea that your hardwood floors must genuinely be real, solid hardwood, you can do some pretty great things. These days, the classic look of hardwood floors can be achieved through a number of different materials. Ceramic tiles and laminate flooring aren’t made of solid hardwood, but they sure do look like they are. Technologies have advanced to a point that more durable materials, like ceramic and laminate, can give you an option that stands up to the nails and traffic that go along with pet ownership, but gives you a timeless look.

Real Hardwood

For some people, hardwood look-a-likes simply won’t do the trick. In that case, you’ll just have to be a bit more thorough in choosing the right species of hardwood for you. Your dog’s nails are sharp and bear quite a bit of weight, so it’s important to choose a species that is tough enough to handle that strain without constantly getting scratched. Stay away from softer species like natural pines, American cherry, and American walnut. Your Jim Boyd’s experts can help you find the species for you.

Protect your Floors

Regardless of your choice, the risk will persist in smaller amounts. In order to pull double floor protection duty, you’ll need to make a few changes. Lay down rugs over high-traffic areas of the home, and be sure to diligently keep your pet’s nails trimmed down.

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